We Buy Collections

We are always ready to give you immediate cash for your sports collections!


We are always actively engaging with customers and buying their collections every day. We are interested in buying most higher-end sports card collections, authentic sports memorabilia collections, and even non-sports card collections. If it's something that we are interested in buying, we have the resources to buy your collection on the spot. No collection is too big for us!


What items are we looking for?


We are looking for valuable sports/non-sports cards, memorabilia, and collections. Here is a shortlist of what we are mostly looking for:


1) Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, & Non-Sports Cards (Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh)
2) Past & Current Rookie Cards (Michael Jordan), limited edition serial numbered (/#) cards
3) Vintage autographs from Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Pete Maravich, Wayne Gretzky, & more
4) Current autographs from Ken Griffey Jr., Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Stephen Curry, Patrick Mahomes, & more
5) Vintage Tickets, Vintage Card Sets, Vintage autographs from Movie Stars, Political Figures, & more
6) Any other memorabilia & cards. We are not looking for common cards from the 80's-current era that don't fit in this list.


Interested in selling your collection? We can help you out in three ways:


1) Give us a call at (425)742-8500 to talk with our expert buyer. This is the easiest way to contact us about selling your collection.


2) Email photos of your collection to us at


3) Feel free to bring your collection to our retail store and we can take a look at it. For larger collections, we can check it in to our warehouse. We currently have many customer collections checked into our warehouse that we look through every day in order for us to make an offer to buy them.