Topps Hobby Rip Night

Topps Hobby Rip Night at Mill Creek Sports


September 30th from 4:00-7:00 PM


Celebrate the first-ever Topps Hobby Rip Night at Mill Creek Sports!

On September 30th from 4:00-7:00 PM, stop by our store for an exciting night sponsored by Topps Trading Cards and Mill Creek Sports.


There will be Box Breaks, card trading, and other activities at this event. Also, we will be giving away over 15 sports memorabilia/box prizes in our raffle.

This is a special event provided by Topps. Topps Hobby Rip Night boxes are now available for sale. Look for event only discounts on select Topps boxes. Preorder these boxes at our retail store or website to earn tickets for our raffle. All Topps Rip Night preorders will NOT be shipped. They will be available for pickup on September 30th at the event.


Here is a list of what we will be doing in this event:

     -Box Breaks

     -Card games
     -Card trading
     -Special event products on sale
     -Prize raffle giveaways
     -Merchandise giveaways (Topps hats, t-shirts, tote bags)
     -Free pizza, chips, and cookies will be provided
     -And more!


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                     Click here to reserve your packs for our Box Breaks


Raffles & Prizes

How to earn tickets?

We will be raffling off over 15 sports memorabilia/sports card prizes, from Julio Rodriguez and Elly De La Cruz rookie cards to sealed boxes of cards and more! The prize raffle will take place towards the end of the event. You must be present to win these prizes. Tickets will be handed out on the event day.


List of prizes in raffle (Most pictured below):
-Legends autographed Topps rookie cards of Ken Griffey Jr., Barry Sanders, Bo Jackson, Ichiro Suzuki, Shaquille O'Neal, Allen Iverson, Chipper Jones, Frank Thomas and more!  

-Stars autographed Topps rookie cards of Julio Rodriguez, Elly De La Cruz, Ronald Acuna, Juan Soto, Fernando Tatis Jr., Russell Wilson, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and more! 

-Ichiro Suzuki autographed Topps Project 2020 card, Ken Griffey Jr. limited edition Project 2020 card

-Ichiro Suzuki autographed Ben Baller Topps Project 2020 framed blowup card
-Sealed Topps Boxes
-And more!


You can start earning your raffle tickets today! Here's how you can earn tickets:
     1 ticket: RSVP for this event. Click here to RSVP.


     2 tickets: Earn 2 tickets for each sealed Topps box preordered at our retail store or online. Maximum of 5 boxes for each product per customer.


     1 ticket: 5 star review on Google.


     2 tickets: Box Breaks! We will have a bunch of Box Breaks throughout the event. You can reserve your packs/spots for our Box Breaks in the listings down below. We will open up more Box Breaks when all spots are sold out.


     More ways will be available towards the event date.


If you participate in more than one of these, your name must be the same on your RSVP (submit it here), your sealed Topps box preorders, and or your Google review. 

Preordering Topps Boxes

Preordering sealed Topps boxes for this event and earning tickets:
You can earn tickets now by preordering any sealed Topps Box at our retail store or online. Get 2 tickets for each box preordered for this event.

Preorders will not be shipped. You will receive your boxes and tickets from your preorders at this event on September 30th. You can preorder these products at our retail store, but they will be held until September 30th.

There is a maximum of 5 boxes for each product per customer. 

How do I receive my tickets and boxes?
You will receive both your earned raffle tickets and the Topps product you have bought for this event on the day of the event at our retail store.


Phone number: By submitting your phone number, you opt-in to receive text messages like announcements of events like this and our public autograph signings, special deals and giveaways, and more.
Card trading: A card trading space will be provided in this event where card collectors can trade cards with others. We are not liable for any trade at this event and will not approve or deny trades. Parents, please supervise minors in their trades.

Mill Creek Sports
13616 Bothell Everett HWY

Mill Creek, WA 98012


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(Maximum purchase of 5 boxes for each product per customer. In store pickup only on the day of the event)

Box Breaks!!

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Get 2 tickets for each pack purchased. Big ticket prizes!

More box breaks will open up as we get closer to the event.

Here are some of the prizes that will be raffled off!!

More prizes will be raffled off including sealed Topps boxes!