George Kirby Autograph Signing

Here is your chance to meet and get autographs from George Kirby!


Mill Creek Sports is excited to announce that we are bringing in George Kirby to our shop for a public autograph signing on Thursday, May 26th at 6:30 PM.


Autograph tickets for the signing $49 per item getting signed. You need one autograph ticket for each item you would like to have signed. You may buy multiple autographs tickets if you have more than one item you'd like to get signed. You may have your own item signed or purchase an item from us.


You may choose to have George Kirby inscribe a phrase on your item for $15. The inscription could be a phrase like "Go M's" or a personalization. You may purchase multiple inscription tickets. An inscription like "To MCS, Go M's & Best Wishes" would require 3 inscription tickets because there is a personalization (To MCS) followed by 2 phrases.


Can't attend the signing but want an item signed? We are accepting customer mail-in and drop off orders. Use our "Non Attendee" option for this.

Mail-In & Drop Off Orders:

Customers may send their items to us to get signed by George Kirby. We have created a "Non Attendee" listing for this. This listing is for one item to get signed. If you would like to send in/drop off multiple items to get signed, please adjust the quantity in the listing to the amount of items you are sending in/dropping off to get signed.


All Mail-In & Drop off orders must be sent to our store. Please include your order # inside of the package to help us keep track of your order. Please send your mail-in items to:


Mill Creek Sports ATT: GK Mail Orders

13616 Bothell Everett HWY

Mill Creek, WA 98012



If you would like to add any notes to the order (pen color, autograph location, etc.), please include them in the notes section during checkout.



We currently accept Paypal and Credit Cards on our website. If you do not have a Paypal account but would like to pay with a credit card, use our Paypal Guest option. This will be the second Paypal option. It will redirect you to Paypal's website, but it does not require you to have an account or create one.



-We have the right to add a premium pricing fee to any mail-in at its discretion. This would apply for items like game used jerseys, game used bats, etc. We will contact you to discuss the actual fee.
-The athlete has the right to refuse any item. We will offer refunds for items that he does not sign.
-The athlete has the right to refuse any inscription. We will offer refunds for inscriptions that he does not sign.